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Brought to you by the New Hampshire Smokehouse & Bbq Shak

About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our site and in search of better eats.

Proud to offer all the yummy flavors that our customers are going wild over to you.

Turn ordinary into some of the most delicious food you have ever eaten.


The New Hampshire Smokehouse and Bbq Shak of New Hampton, New Hampshire, produces authentic  smokehouse and bbq foods that people are lovin, Thanks to Saltt Peppa

Enjoy melt in your mouth pulled pork, traditional bbq ribs,  slow smoked rack of ribs, tender eye popin pile of brisket, hickory braised chicken that falls off the bone, home made real cheesy mac and cheese, honey butter corn breads and so much more.

Awesome place to bond and enjoy the outdoors on our outdoor patio setting. doggie friendly, family friendly , food friendly and price friendly. Road side theme, owner operated for the best quality and price.

We appreciate your business. Take home some of our flavor Smokin Salt Spice and Smokehouse Seasoning, made right here on site. people rave .