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Smokin Salt 6 Pack Table size ty

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Smokin Saltt Spice and Seasoning 3.75oz Table size SIX Pack gives pepper lovers one in hand and backup for friend, family, gifts or just a lot of good eats, product of the New Hampshire Smokehouse and Bbq Shak, made in the USA and crafted by skilled pitmaster, Scott Buitta. This perfectly cracked pepper smoked salt, not ground, makes this salt pepper spice and seasoning combo robust, tangy and a sea salt balanced perfect for all of your dishes. No more hassle of working the mills, ready when you are. We use it on all our foods, an original. Sprinkle on and enjoy! Keep one in your pocket, Great Gift.

  1. Rich in antioxidants: Fresh cracked black pepper contains high levels of antioxidants that help to fight against free radicals, which can damage cells and contribute to aging and disease.
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties: The compound piperine found in black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.
  3. Improves digestion: Black pepper can help to stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which can improve digestion and prevent indigestion and bloating.
  4. Promotes nutrient absorption: The piperine in black pepper can also increase the absorption of certain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, making them more available to the body.
  5. Aids in weight loss: Black pepper may help to boost metabolism and promote weight loss, as well as helping to curb appetite.
  6. May lower blood pressure: Some studies have found that black pepper can help to lower blood pressure, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
  7. May reduce cancer risk: Antioxidants in black pepper may help to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, such as colon and breast cancer.
  8. May improve brain function: Piperine in black pepper may help to improve cognitive function and memory.
  9. May help to prevent infections: Black pepper has antimicrobial properties that can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses, potentially reducing the risk of infections.
  10. Adds flavor and aroma to food: Fresh cracked black pepper is a versatile spice that can add depth of flavor and aroma to a wide variety of dishes, making them more delicious and appealing.
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